Tuesday, May 15, 2007

The End

To Find You

“That to truly fulfill love you must return again at the same time as your
loved one and you must meet and know and remember and love them again.”

For him…


Michael would never catch his bus at that stop again. He would drive farther to get it. At first he tried but as soon as he leant on the pole he would immediately look up to the window to try and catch a glimpse of the person he never noticed watched him for years, but he knew wasn’t there. There was nothing there but the feeble light of the fire that always burnt. He never dared to enter the bookshop ever again and stopped going to the chatroom where he had enjoyed long conversations. He visited he r grave at times, though he never came too close. He would stand in contemplation of the flowers planted on the ground, they seemed to bare a green that no grass around it could match. The colors were bright and vivacious. He could see amidst of all of them the violet he had given her as a weak apology. He had planted it himself. It grew strong in purple sunset color. Life seemed never able to stop, but it did when he visited her grave. Memories would flood his mind, but only the memories of his present life, all the others were gone with that cold wind that carried her spirit. He still couldn’t believe she had died in her sleep after they had argued about his ex-girlfriend. He could swear at time he could feel her presence right beside him, but when he turned there was nothing there.
His pain was great and never fully understood by himself. Little by little he returned to his life and at time the pain subsided giving way to a feeble joy and at last normality. The visits to her grave were scarce and he could no longer feel her presence. Even his memories became cloudy after a while. He found Isabel again and rekindled his love for her. They would be together for as long as their life would last. Happy.
As for Anna, she was left with a legacy. The shop and the apartment were hers and for the longest time all she could do was cry for a lost friend. She kept the fire burning always. It was where she could feel her presence. She took care of everything with strength she didn’t know she had. At night she would lie in bed awake, staring at the place where her friend’s body had laid. Her sadness never really subsided, she just got used to carrying it.
One night she lied down in front of the fireplace playing with her statue of Toth. She lit a candle in memory of her friend. She opened her computer and wrote this before the wick was out.


Michael took the first step and held Haldora as long as she could without feeling uncomfortable by her coldness. She squeezed as tight as she could without hurting him, believing that this meant that all was forgotten. He unlocked the embrace and sat on the bed looking down on the floor. Haldora struggled for something to say.
- You searched for me… for a long long time. -, he eventually said.
- I’ve love you for a long long time.
- When you said you were a witch I never thought your life was so complex.
She smiled.
- The green lady?
- Hella. She’s … a … Goddess. -, Haldora explained.
- That explains the memories of previous lives. And you came back from the dead to find me?
- I had help.
- I was flattered that you had waited four years to speak to me, I such be proud of this now, right?
- Michael. This changes nothing.
- I beg to differ. I’ve just found out that my girlfriend is… dead and she’s been roaming through time to find me… again and again.
- It means we are meant to be together.
- Does it? -, he asked, leaving Haldora extremely insecure.
She sat on the floor in front of Michael. She touched his legs, but even his woolen clothes could not protect him from the ice-coldness of her skin. He redrew as her touch. She raised her hands and held them to her chest.
- What about… Isabel?
Haldora swallowed dry at the mentioning of the name.
- Hella is a liar! Once she showed me your death. A thousand times I saw you die, in all ways possible and imaginable. It was a lie. An illusion. -, Haldora attempted to explain.
- It’s not. -, he announced, - I was with her and then I had strange dreams with a blonde woman. You were in my dreams. Your dreams made me want to me more adventurous. You gave me dreams of castles and wonders and that’s the life I wanted. Our relationship is the illusion.
- Don’t say that! -, she whispered.
- Hal! Haldora! Every time we meet you are right back to when you were the smithy’s daughter. You are still there and I’m not.
Haldora got up from the floor and walked to the window.
- I’ve learn how to mingle with time, how to understand change and evolution and innovation.
- But I don’t think you’ve changed at all.
Haldora couldn’t answer. She walked around the room understanding that what she had was slipping away from her, by the hand of the person she thought would never do such a thing. She lit a cigarette.
- I didn’t know you smoked. -, he realized.
- I didn’t want you to know. -, she explained.
- It’s a good way to start a relationship, with secrets. -, he joked, though they both were not in the mood to laugh.
- What happens in ten, twenty years? -, he asked as he got up and faced her.
- I redrew form public sight. I change places. -, she explained.
- And what happens to us? -, he asked.
At this question, Haldora was filled with hope as she understood that Michael still saw them together in the future. She smiled lightly.
- You can come with me. Live anywhere. Alone. Secluded.
- Without a care in the world? -, he asked walking towards her.
She nodded as she saw him approach. He stopped when he was very close to her.
- What happens when I die? -, he asked in a half whisper.
- I’ll find you again! I promise. -, she answered back in a half whisper.
- What if I don’t want you to?
- What?
- Would you follow my wish or yours?
- I don’t understand.
- You’re not with me because I want you, you are with me because you want to. –, he explained, - What if I don’t want it anymore?
Haldora couldn’t answer.
- That’s right. I don’t have a saying in it. -, he smiled, - You said it yourself, souls come back to work on their past mistakes. I don’t even get to do that because you’re condemning me to live the same life over and over again. I don’t get to choose anything. It’s not even my life, because you meddled. I have memories of how I thought this girl who took the time to take care of me was sweet. I have the image of the blonde woman standing over me by the light of the fire. This image didn’t leave my mind for the longest of time. And all it took was seeing you by the fire and I remembered it again. I can remember how scared I was when I saw your scar and when you disappeared before our eyes, but afterwards I missed you. I missed talking to you. And to have you in my dreams, I couldn’t forget you though I couldn’t remember you. Can you understand what you did?
She lowered her head understanding that he was right. He raised her chin with his finger.
- It doesn’t mean I didn’t love what we had, but next time I want it to be different.
Haldora discovered at that time that she was unable to shed tears, though her expression appeared as if she would break into tears at any moment. Michael approached and took her in his arms and kissed her. Haldora was unable to return the kiss in all its intensity, because she discovered she had lost her sense of touch a long with everything else. Michael only let go when her coldness became unbearable.
- You should go. -, she whispered as his arms redrew from her body, - It ends now.
Michael was surprised at her resolution. He was prepared for a long debate. Haldora presented a tough expression and seemed unaffected by the kiss, though her insides were revolving. He searched for something to say.
- I didn’t mean for us to… -, he tried to explain, but she interrupted.
- It can’t go on. It’s too much for you to handle, I know. Leave.
For a few moments Michael stood in front of her looking for any break of her countenance, but she did not break. She stood as an unaffected statue, taking slow drags from her cigarette, waiting for him to leave the room.
Al last Michael moved away from her and started his slow route towards the door. She still stood as a statue. He grabbed the door knob and waited for a word or sound. There was none. He twisted it and walked out. As he took every step in grief, Haldora glued herself to the door to hear his last steps out of her life. She sat with her back to the door and there she stood in her silent cry.
Michael went by Anna without saying a word, she attempted to talk, but by the look in his face she could tell that whatever had happen had not been good and she was better off leaving both of them alone.
Hours were passed in silent waiting. Anna was not sure if she should go up to the room and talk to her friend, so she sat down on the sofas waiting to some sort of sign. Unwillingly she fell asleep, as she was tired from the party the previous night.
Haldora made her way downstairs when she felt ready. She passed Anna as if she was made of air, went into her office and sat at her computer typing away like a mad woman. Her face seemed to be made of marble. There was no emotion upon it, only graveness. Since Hella’s visit she was less of human being and more of a shadow of it.
Anna awoke and listened to the typing sound. She watched Haldora from the door, thorn. She wanted to comfort her friend but was unable to perceive if she really needed it. Anna drew on all her patience to wait for a sign from her friend. At long last, since Haldora didn’t ask for help, she forced herself to enter the office and present it whether or not her friend was ready for it. As Anna approached the desk, she got a glimpse of Haldora erasing Michael’s photos. At this point it was a reality, he would not come back. Anna set her hand on Haldora’s shoulder, struggling with herself not to withdraw it as soon as she felt the coldness of the skin. Haldora stopped for a second and the removed Anna’s hand from her shoulder.
- Talk to me. -, Anna requested.
- There is nothing to say! -, Haldora replied.
- As he left you?
- Can you blame him? -, Anna was now certain of the content of their conversation.
- What did he say? -, Haldora gave no answer, - What were his reasons?
- He didn’t need reasons. He had facts.
For a second both women were silent. Anna couldn’t think of anything more to say or ask. Haldora didn’t seem to want any comfort.
- I’ve signed the shop over to you. I’ve sent it to the lawyers and it should be resolved in a day or two.
Upon hearing this Anna pushed Haldora’s chair round so they could face each other.
- You did what? Why the hell would you do that?
- I trust you. I know you’ll take care of the shop and you’ll do great.
- That’s not what I meant. You own this place, why would you give it to me?
- Because I won’t be here to run it.
- Where are you going?
- I don’t know.
- You’re going to disappear?
- Yes, but in a way I’ve never did before.
- You can’t.
- And why not?
- You need to stay and fight this.
- Fight what?
- I don’t know. Fight for Michael.
Haldora took a long pause.
- Anna, you were a great friend before and you lived up to it, but there’s nothing else to do. Michael is gone and soon so will be I.
- What about me? -, Anna asked with tears flooding her eyes.
- I would love to stay here with you, forever. But that’s not possible. Forever is not possible.
- Hal, where will you go? -, Anna asked again in fright.
- I don’t know. It’s out of my control.
Haldora turned to her computer and Anna began to understand that her friend was talking about something more permanent then a journey to a new location.
- Will we ever meet again?
Haldora stopped her typing again. She rose from her chair and held her friend without providing an answer. Anna confirmed her suspicions.
- You’re going away for good, aren’t you? -, Anna asked as soon as the embrace was over and there was still no answer, - Answer me! -, she ordered unable to hold her tears any longer.
- In this world, we will never meet again. -, Haldora calmly answered.
- You can’t do this.
Haldora sat down and continued to erase Michael’s photos and all other remembrances of her stay. Anna cried beside her and it did not seem to affect her. When she was done, she got up and kissed her friend on the forehead and slowly made her way towards her apartment. Anna followed her as far as the downstairs door, but she was unable to go any further. She leant against the door as Haldora close it behind her.
Anna sat on the floor crying for her friend unable to think of a way to stop her. For the longest time she sat in fear of what would be going on above. She was certain she had seen Haldora for the last time. As she calmed herself down she got up and glanced at the bookshop’s doors. Michael stood by the door looking in. Anna rushed to open the door. She was surprised to see him, after the way she had left earlier in the day. Michael stepped visibly disturbed. He couldn’t take his eyes of the door that led to the apartment.
- Michael! -, Anna called out.
He looked at her for a second.
- What are you doing here?
- I don’t know. I need to talk to her. Where is she?
- She’s upstairs.
Michael started to make his way towards the door.
- She’s going away! -, Anna told him.
He stopped close to the door and turned back to Anna.
- What?
- She’s going… for good!
Michael didn’t really seem to understand the true meaning of those words, but he ran upstairs and Anna followed. The door was not closed. They entered and saw Haldora sitting on the bed meditating. All was silent and both couldn’t bring themselves to disrupt it. They came close to the bed and no sound seemed to take Haldora from her trance. As Michael stretched his hand to touch her pale skin, Haldora stirred, he withdrew his hand.
- Morrigan! -, she called out.
Michael was confused, but Anna was disturbed, she knew the name.
- Morrigan! -, Haldora called out again in higher voice.
Michael looked at Anna for an explanation, but before Anna could formulate a sentence, Haldora interrupted her.
- Morrigan!
A wind began to blow inside the room, it was a hot wind. It came from the fireplace. The flames were higher and soon burst out of the fireplace in a straight line, as the flames withdrew, a form was visible. A woman stood where the flames had stood. Michael and Anna took a step back, but Haldora remained unaffected. The woman smiled at them, when the flames had withdrawn to their original place, though they still burned high.
- It’s the Goddess. -, Anna finally explained, dropping to her knees in an involuntary act. A remembrance of days before.
Michael stood looking at this woman, beautiful as she was. She walked slowly towards Haldora and held out her hand. Haldora’s body remained sitting though her spirit held Morrigan’s hand and left the bed.
- I want my wish. -, Haldora’s spirit.
Morrigan smiled, she already knew her purpose for being there.
- You kept you promise. -, Morrigan confirmed.
- Will you keep yours?
- Name your wish! -, Morrigan requested with a smile.
- Erase my existence. End my life where it ought to have ended.
- No! -, Anna cried.
- Someone doesn’t seem sure of your decision.
- It’s my decision!
Morrigan walked towards Anna, still kneeling down. She touched her shoulder and raised her with a look.
- Would you erase the tears your friend as cried for you? Would you erase her pride in knowing she once helped one less fortunate then herself? Would you erase her sense of duty towards a friend? -, Morrigan asked staring deeply into Anna’s eyes.
Haldora’s spirit gave no answer. Morrigan walked over to Michael and touched his face.
- Would you erase his eyes? His lips? His touch? Would you erase his pleasure from when he first touched you? Would you erase his love? Would you erase the flower he gave you when he thought of you and me? -, Morrigan asked as she looked into his eyes deeply.
Haldora seemed unable to answer, her memory was engaged elsewhere. Michael was there with her. He had stopped looking at Morrigan to look at Haldora’s spirit.
- If that is your wish, I will not honor it! -, Morrigan interrupted the moment.
Haldora’s spirit lowered her head.
- You left your mark where you passed. Nothing can erase that! Not even me! -, Morrigan explained.
- I want to remember you! -, Michael spoke. The women turned their head towards him, - I can’t be with you, but I can’t be without you.
Haldora’s spirit looked to be in agony. She was unable to fix her eyes on anything. They went back and forwards between Michael and Anna, who told all their own agonies through their eyes.
- I’ll give you one more chance! -, Morrigan announced.
Haldora’s spirit asked for nothing in words, but Morrigan nodded as if she had heard a new wish. The agreement was settled. Anna and Michael were frightened, since they had no idea what had been agreed.
- Make your farewells.
Haldora’s spirit glided over to Anna and though unable to touch her, she pressed her lips against her friend’s cheek. Anna felt a warm feeling on her face and smiled through her pain. Haldora’s spirit then glided over to Michael, who immediately tried to hug her, but all he could feel was air between his arms. She touched his face and he pressed his hand exactly where she had laid hers. She pressed her lips against his and for a moment he could feel her as before. He embraced her for a few moments before she became air again. Anna looked to Morrigan, who waited by the fireplace, she was seemed touched with the image and exhibited a slight smile. Haldora glided back to Morrigan. Morrigan took her hand and turned her to the flames. At first Haldora’s spirit was afraid, she knew what flames could do to her, but after a smile from her Goddess trust was restored. Beyond the flames she could seen her lost friends, Otr and her mentor.
- Welcome to the Summerlands. -, Morrigan greeted as she walked through the flames.
Michael and Anna could do nothing but watch their friend and former lover part. They saw the women be engulfed by flames and disappear under a heavy cool wind. As soon as the wind stopped blowing Haldora's body fell back on the bed motionless. Anna walked over to it and touched her hand, motionless… Coldness… Silence… heartache… longing….


Anna peaked inside Haldora’s room, waiting to see the remains of a night of love making, but instead she was confronted with her friend unconscious against a wall. Anna rushed into the room, not noticing Michael’s body on the bed, running directly to Haldora and attempting to wake her. Haldora awoke with a slap or two. She seemed frightened. Anna was contaminated by this fright. Haldora rose from the floor immediately and realized her lover still slept. She was somewhat relieved. She stood in the middle of the room motionless, looking at the fire, attempting to understand what had happen. She was so involved in her own thoughts that she was unable to hear her friend asking repeatedly what had happen. Anna finally was forced to hold her friend by the arms and shake her till she was out of her trance like state.
- What happened? -, Anna asked.
- Hella! -, Haldora uttered.
Anna let go of her friend and took a step back, remembering of who Haldora spoke of.
- Hella?
- You called?
Anna and Haldora looked to the fire place to see Hella coming out of the flames. She walked towards the women, kicking her green dress open with every step and showing off her putrid legs, allowing her stench to fill the room.
- It’s you! The witch! I should be angry at you, but look at you became. I’ve forgotten it!
Haldora stared at her with the same fear she had so many years ago. Her braveness of before was all but gone.
- Yes, one can forget, but forgotten things have a tendency to sprung up when you least expect them. -, Hella announced looking at Haldora.
- If it’s me you want, take me and leave them alone. -, Haldora ordered as she rose from the floor.
Hella let go one of her known horrible laughs.
- I don’t want you. I want him… -, Hella explained as she looked at Michael’s body still lying sleeping on the bed.
Haldora tried to move towards Hella, but Anna took her arm and the burning warmth of her touch stopped Haldora from moving.
- Hal. You’re freezing. -, Anna realized.
- You took it! -, she whispered, - Otr gave me warmth, before we parted. You took it.
- The Gods giveth, the Gods taketh away! -, Hella put it simply, - But you didn’t let me finish! I want him to remember.
Haldora was confused upon hearing these words. But there was no time to interpret her words because Michael began to wake. She ran to his side, smiling as he awoke. He looked at her as if for the first time. Immediately Haldora knew that something was wrong. He got up from the bed and looked around the room, trying to recognize it. The only thing he seemed capable of recognizing was Hella. He took another look at Haldora, who sat at the edge of the bed.
- I knew you before. -, he said Haldora tried to speak but before she could utter a word he continued, - I knew you from before we ever met. I’d seen you. We have spoken before.
Haldora smiled pretending she thought it was a joke, but his expression remained unchanged. Anna remained frozen at his words.
- I came from the South. Your people didn’t want to accept me because I’d change my name to a Christian name. I helped your people during the war. You were the smithy’s daughter.
At this revelation Haldora dropped her pretending and became amazed at what he seemed to know. She nodded without having complete control over her actions.
- There were months of negotiating before the war. I stayed at the village. And I was attended by you. You’d come in the night and mend my clothes, keep my fire high, fix my shoes, even sharpen my sword and axe.
- You knew? -, Anna asked before Haldora could.
- Yes! I’d pretend to sleep.
- And said nothing? -, Hella finally asked.
- I should have.
Haldora was amazed as to what he could remember.
- I was late to tell you… to talk to you. You were already gone to battle. Then you were gone. -, Haldora walked over to Michael, touching his face, - I just wanted to be where you were. To be with you. -, she explained.
Michael was unaffected. He looked at her as if she was only someone he knew and not a person with whom he had spent long hours with.
- I should have spoken to you. I should have prevented you from coming back. I had someone waiting from me in the South and it wasn’t fair to let you continue as you did.
Haldora was surprised at his revelation. She could not bring herself to answer him. In her stead Hella smiled, the whole scene diverted her immensely.
He suddenly grabbed his head, feeling a violent headache, he walked away from Haldora leaving her and Anna more frightened as to what was to come.
- You were with the white men. -, he then said, - My son saw you.
- Your son? -, Anna asked.
- When the Viking invaded they killed him, leaving his son and his unborn child orphans. -, Haldora explained, - I saw it in a vision.
- I could feel something there in my house. -, Michael whispered.
Michael held his right shoulder in agony, breathing through pain. Anna came closer to Haldora.
- His going through his lives. He’s half here and half there. -, she explained, - Why are you doing this?
- It was you who saved me. -, Michael said, Haldora nodded.
- And you saved me. -, she announced, - Kept me from being killed.
- I knew that sent. –, he explained.
Haldora smiled as she nodded confirming her suspicions. Michael began to breathe deeper and look at her in disgust. Her smile faded, she came nearer to him and he redrew from her.
- Don’t come near me. -, he shouted, - Stay back you hellish creature.
- Michael! Please look at me. -, she asked as he tried to take cover, - Michael, remember me.
- What does he think you are? -, Anna asked.
- He was my translator during the Inquisition. He saw my scar.
- The scar! -, Michael repeated, - from the axe. But you died!
Haldora looked at Hella in anger.
- Get out of my head! -, he shouted grabbing his head and shaking it violently, - Get out of my dreams.
Haldora walked towards him, she took Michael’s arms in her hands and with her heavy grip settled him down. He looked at her in fright.
- You’re cold. You’re so cold! -, he whispered.
- Michael, remember yesterday! -, she urged him.
But he didn’t seem to leave his trance like state. He seemed more afraid of Haldora, then of Hella.
- Stop this! -, she ordered Hella.
- I wish I could! But your Druid friends must have explained it to you, once you set something in motion, there’s no way of stopping it. -, she explained, - He’s telling you what you wanted to know. The second half of your story.
Anna began to move slowly behind Hella towards the garden door, but before she could pass the fire place, Hella’s hand was on her throat.
- Where are you going, my dear? You don’t want to make me angry a second time, do you?
Anna stepped back unwillingly. Hella walked over to Michael. She took him by the arm and held him as if he were a child. Haldora was revolted at the image. Hella stroke his hair.
- My dear child, shall we show your friend who your heart has belonged too all this time? -, she asked in a soft voice, Haldora has never heard before.
Michael made no answer, he seemed to be hypnotized.
A green mist came from the fireplace and filled the room, within it they could see images forming. Haldora looked attentively. She could see her warrior leave another village and leave a woman behind, with a kiss. She could see him, in his farmer’s life, courting his pregnant wife and the woman was the same. She could see all his lives and in all of them there was the same woman, married to him, in love with him, bearing his children. Standing with him in his tough moments. And the worse part of what she saw was that she knew who this person was, she had seen her before. Haldora was unable to formulate the word.
- She’s in his pictures. -, Anna realized.
- She as his girlfriend. -, Haldora explained.
Hella let go of Michael and began to walk back to the fire place. Haldora was frozen, Anna was amazed and Michael seemed to sleep. Hella approached the fire.
- I’ll leave you in that note. -, she said before she entered through the flames and disappeared.
Michael took a deep breath and seem to awake. He looked at Haldora confused. Haldora was afraid.
- Anna, will you leave us alone? -, Michael requested.
Anna nodded and walked slowly out of the room, looking back at the two lovers once or twice, before closing the door. She was wondering what would happen between them.
Statues… Confusion… Fright…


It was unspoken but agreed that every day Michael would come to Haldora’s and stay with her for a while or the whole night. They would either talk for hours or just lay together in silence or take one another in each other’s arms and love each other throughout the night. On one such night, laying in front of the fire and exhausted from making love. Michael laid on Haldora’s back, kissing her shoulders as she explained how there was a ritual that involved love making and how it was very beautiful to think of it.
- Does that mean one can’t shake and shimmy all night long as one wishes; you would have to stop for a bunch of ritualistic stuff? -, he asked after hearing the explanation.
- You don’t stop to do the ritualistic stuff. You do it at the end. They just believe you’re going to do it once. -, she explained.
- I don’t want a bunch of witches to tell me how often I can make love to my girl!
- So I can’t tell you what to do?
- You’re the only witch who can.
Michael slid his legs in between hers, spreading them, while he kissed her neck.
- You hex me and make me freeze like a rock, just like my car used to do whenever we were in the middle of nowhere.
- Old red? -, she asked surrendering to his caresses.
Michael stopped kissing her.
- How do you know I had a red car? -, he asked leaving her frightened of the answer.
Michael rolled to the side and held his body with his elbow, waiting an answer. Haldora looked visibly troubled.
- Hal? How did you know?
- I’m afraid to tell you. -, she answered.
Michael reached for his pants and put them on. He sat down in the sofa, while she reached for his shirt and put it on. She sat on the floor with the fire lighting her back. He stared at her in fear of what she had to say.
- I know you had a red car because… that’s what you drove when I first noticed it you right outside that window. -, she explained point to the window.
Michael looked back to it. He got up and walked over to it. He could see the bus stop. She got up and walked over to the window.
- I could see you park your car over there and then walk over here and wait. I would sit here and watch you. -, she explained.
Michael looked confused and frightened.
- I sold that car four years ago. You’ve watch me for four years? -, Haldora nodded shyly, - Four years?
- I was attracted to you but I’m not the kind of person to make moves. I would form plans to get to know you, but never followed through. Then the days stretched into weeks, weeks to months and then years. -, she explained.
- And then you met me online? -, Haldora gave no answer right away denouncing an ulterior motive, - You didn’t just meet me, right?
- I searched you out! –, she admitted.
Michael walked away from the window and sat on the bed with his head in between his hands. Haldora remained by the window looking at him, dreading his reaction.
- Why didn’t you tell me you knew who I was before, when you chatted online?
- The internet was anonymous enough, so I could… get to know you. I never meant for us to meet. I just didn’t know how to tell you that I had seen you without sounding like a stocker.
Michael didn’t raise his head and Haldora had no idea of what his feelings were.
- Are you alright?
- Give me a minute to process all this.
Haldora walked back to the sofa, as she was passing the bed, Michael got up and grabbed her arm. Haldora was frightened by the gesture, but his expression was not of anger.
- You watched me for four years and you searched me online for God knows how long and when you found me… what did you feel?
- I was happy, even more so when we started to chat. I felt excited to hear from you.
- And yet… you were content with just being a friend? And you were worried I was cheating. You just waited.
- I never anticipated it would come to this.
- But it did. You got your wish and I got a great girl.
Haldora lowered her eyes in embarrassment, with his index he raised her chin so that their eyes could meet.
- Once you think about it… it’s kind of romantic, in a psychotic kind of way.
Haldora laughed at his statement. He let go of her arm and held her face between his hands. He pecked her lips. She smiled holding him as strong as she could, so strong in fact that Michael was uncomfortable by the grip, but said nothing. They held for as long as Michael could stand Haldora’s strong grip. He unlocked himself from the embrace and pulled her to lay in the bed with him. She snuggled against him, laying her head on his shoulder.
- So are you going to tell me what made you watch me for so long?
- No!
- Come on. Boost my ego a bit. It’s flattering to know some one took so an interest for so long.
- Never! -, she said in a teasing tone.
- Please!
Haldora was silence, relieved at his reaction to one of her secrets. The only one he could ever know. She lied throughout the night, even after Michael had fallen a sleep, just watching his chest move with each breath and breathing deeply of relief.
The Sun brought with it Halloween. And it was very high in the sky when Michael awoke. Haldora was quick to make Michael leave her alone, as soon as he got up. She needed time to prepare if she was going to perform her ritual and make it to the party. They agreed he would come back at night to dress his warrior armor.
Haldora locked herself out on her garden and began her preparations with care. She took the herbs she needed and the utensils she would use and the supplies she had bought before in the magic shop. The afternoon was passed with Haldora carefully laying each object in it’s perfect position, after drawing a circle of rock salt on the floor, around her altar. It’s was dusk when she was ready to dress her white robe and enter her circle. Haldora greeted each of the Towers associated to which cardinal point, by lighting a candle to them, and then began to greet the spirits of goodness that came to her. She could hear them, he could speak to them and now they were not at all scary. The ritual took a long time. She had requests and blessings to undertake, and most important of all she had to keep the bad spirits away from this world. As she did the ritual she thought of her mentor, long ascended and of Otr, once her only friend. Both were no longer part of the spirit world, there were someplace she could not reach, but she could still feel them and the gifts they had given her. When it was over she didn’t take so long to dispose of the objects of the altar as she did setting them up. She took everything and laid it to the fire. She watched the candles melt and the herbs burn, leaving their sweet aroma in the air. Only after all we burned did she disrobed. She was now ready for her first party, since her death.
Haldora brought the armor and the dress to her room. She laid them both on the bed and enjoyed a long soothing bath until Michael tapped on the shop’s glass to announce his arrival. Haldora greeted him, wrapped in a towel and took him quickly upstairs before someone saw her in such composure.
- Are you gift-wrapped? -, Michael teased as they went upstairs.
- No, I was in the bath. There’s your costume. You want to star putting it on now, it takes a while.
Haldora left Michael alone with the armor as she went into the bathroom, carrying her dress. Michael struggled for a while, what to dress first. Haldora dressed too quickly for a normal person and braded her hair as she had not done in too long. She left the bathroom, to find Michael still at odds with his costume. He stopped to marvel on how beautiful she looked in her blue velvet dress and her new hair style.
- Valquiria! -, he called her.
- Haldora! -, she corrected.
She came close to him and helped him to dress the tunic and woolen pants and gloves, then laid the metal coat, than was heavy on his shoulders. She tightens his belt and the leg chaps. He was ready to go; all that was missing was the helmet.
- Come, sit. -, she asked. He sat on the bed and she started to brace his hair in the fashion of the time. In that moment she felt as she longed to feel back on those days, when she long to tell her warrior she was in love with him. If they had married she would perform these exact movements for him, before he would go for battle. As she remembered the battles in her village, she was suddenly surrounded by sadness, as she remembered her warrior’s tragic death and her own.
Finally he was ready. Michael got up and took a long look at himself. He was amazed how well the armor had fit. Haldora rose from the bed and tied the sword to his belt and set his helmet on his head.
- It’s dark in here! -, he joked.
The helmet covered the whole of his face. There was a metal coat hanging from the underneath the eyes. Haldora lifted the metal coat and kissed his lips gently.
- You’re ready for battle, my love. -, she whispered.
- Ready my horse, woman! -, he joked. Haldora laughed, - And speaking of horse I don’t think I can drive in this.
- We can walk over. It’s not that far.
They were off on their way. The Viking warrior and his lady. On the streets they met with many others who also had dressed up for Halloween. There were scary monsters and cute outfits, people missing limbs and with swords or knives stuck on various parts of the body. Haldora could see spirits mingling with the living. Many or just long departed relatives, coming to check up on the ones who stayed, but some were the naughty spirits, enticing people to commit the craziest deeds.
The party was already in full throttle, when Haldora and Michael arrived. Anna came to meet them by the door.
- Anna, you’re a fairy.
- Yeah, I wanted to dress as a witch, but I kind thought you wouldn’t like it! -, she explained.
- Good call! -, Michael spoke from personal experience.
- You guys look great! So life-like! -, she noticed, as she looked at Haldora to show she knew the costumes. Haldora just smiled. – The Viking and his Lady, cool!
- Thanks, it was Hal’s idea! Or should I say Haldora’s? -, he asked and Anna looked at amazed at the fact that he knew her really name.
-Well, the bar is in the back and the rest is up to you, mingle and have fun.
Anna walked away to speak to other friends. Haldora and Michael walked through the party, admiring the many costumes.
- Do Viking warrior’s dance? -, Michael asked.
- They did in my day!
He took off his helmet and led her to the dance floor, where he held her close and swayed smoothly, though it was not that kind of music that played. Haldora snuggled within his embrace to get as close as she could to his body. She could feel his heartbeat on her cheek. It played the melody to which they danced.
Anna watched the couple throughout the night. She was happy to see they poured happiness towards each other. They danced and drank and spoke to no one else but themselves. They were separated from the rest of the world, focused only on each other. Anna couldn’t remember when she had ever since her friend bare such a smile. She could recollect all of Haldora’s life and it had always been one of suffering and hiding, but now she was among people again and looked to be as happy as ever. Michael played an important part in her happiness, because of it, she wouldn’t let go of his hand throughout the entire night.
The time came when tiredness took over Michael and he removed himself and Haldora from the party as discretely as possible, so discretely in fact, Anna did not notice until they were gone a while. The way back home was made in record time. Michael held his lady close as they walked through the now silent streets. He was in a hurry to get home, though his breath and blush denounced his tiredness. Haldora remained tireless as always.
Finally inside Michael threw himself to the bed, feeling the pain of the metal against his flesh. He let go a slight yelp.
- Besides being heavy as hell, this thing hurts. -, he complaint.
- Let me help you out of it.
Michael rose from the bed and allowed Haldora to remove the items of metal, till he only dressed the woolen garments. As soon as he felt free he kissed his lady on the cheek, she looked at him surprised.
- Thanks for a lovely evening. -, they held, - How does a Viking warrior make love? -, he whispered to her hear.
- Quickly! -, she answered, - Scandinavia is a cold place.
As they unlocked from their embrace an aroma flared Haldora’s nostrils, it was a scent she could recognize but was unwilling to acknowledge. Michael seemed unaware of it. Haldora looked at the fire and was forced to admit to herself what she already knew to be true. The fire had turned green. Before Haldora could form another thought, she felt Michael slip from her arms to the bed in a sound sleep. She tried to touch him to awake him, but before she could move, she felt her body fly across the room and hit the wall behind her, loosing consciousness…

Thursday, April 19, 2007


The sunlight had barely erupted from twilight and a loud and annoying sound was heard in the room, echoing on the bare walls. In the bed Haldora tried to look for the source of the noise to shut it off, before her lover awoke. She reached to the floor to find a small cell phone in Michael’s trouser pocket. She removed it and attempted to switch it off, as she did, Michael stirred in bed.
- I know that sound. -, he mumbled.
He reached for the phone, still with his eyes closed, took it out of Haldora’s hand and switched it off immediately. She laid it back on the floor and came back to greet her lover. His eyes were still shut, but his breath was different. He was awake, though in denial. She stroked his bare back, which made him smile. He slowly opened his eyes in the near darkness of the bed and smiled at her. She smiled back, although he could not see her.
- Is it still dark? -, he asked confused.
- Only in here! -, she answered as she reached for the drapery opening it a bit to allow the frail light in.
He held his head with his hand as she stared at his lover. She couldn’t understand why he did that, she just stood as she was waiting for some action.
- It should be illegal to look like that in the morning! -, at last he stated.
Haldora giggled. He reached for her face and led her to a gentle kiss.
- Good morning! -, she greeted.
- Good morning! -, he answered back, before kissing her again, - Tell me it’s Saturday! -, he asked as he kept kissing her.
- It isn’t! -, she answered amidst his kisses.
Michael threw himself back on the bed and sighed deeply. Haldora laid her chin on his chest.
- That means I’m going to have to leave here. -, he stated.
Haldora gave no answer, though she looked sad. For a moment both remained motionless thinking of the future event of leaving.
- I should go home and get a change of clothes, but I really don’t want to leave this bed.
- You don’t have to! I’ll wash your clothes if you want so you can linger here. -, she offered.
- That would imply you leaving here and I want you here, close to me. -, he explained, as he pushed her up, - So we can do dirty! -, he whispered in her hear.
- That sounds nice, but aren’t you going to be dirty to work?
- You’re well worth dirty underwear.
The both laughed. She caressed his hair, finally understanding why a moment ago he had stopped to just look at her. She pecked him. Haldora looked to the side as he kissed her neck and noticed a small scar on his right shoulder. She touched it, which grabbed his attention.
- I was in a bike accident and scrap form the bike hit my shoulder. -, he explained, - Some of it is still in there. Thank God I’m a lefty, my arm was pretty shot after that.
Haldora let go of a small smirk, which confused Michael.
- What? You think me having an accident is funny?
She nodded and kissed his scar.
- It reminded me of something from a long time ago. -, she explained.
- Are you going to tell me about your scar? -, he cautiously asked.
Her expression changed. She rolled to the side of the bed and pulled the sheets up to cover herself completely. He held her from behind kissing her shoulder.
- I’m sorry. You don’t want to talk about it, I get it. But what I came to say, yesterday, was that I wasn’t grossed about it. It just looked… oddly familiar. Like a fading memory you have, like from your childhood or something. I have no problems with it. You’re just as beautiful with it. -, Haldora sighed as she swallowed her cry.
The moment was perfect. It was a dream. It was her wish, the thing she had awaited for a thousand years. Full acceptance. They remained hugging for a minute till, Haldora cleaned a tear that had escaped and turned to Michael.
- You should take a bath before you leave. -, she changed the subject.
- Will you join me? -, he asked smiling mischievously.
- No, I’ll make you breakfast.
- I don’t eat breakfast! There’s no escaping me now.
Haldora reached for her night gown and got dressed. She left the bed and opened the drapes allowing all of the sun light to invade the bed. Michael covered his head with a pillow, to protect his eyes. Haldora went to the bathroom and ran the bath. She lit one of the candles and as she concentrated all of the candles were lit. No other light shone on the bathroom. Michael entered being astonished by the ambience. Haldora pointed towards the tub, inviting him in. Michael took the invitation. He sat down allowing the warm water to soak his body. Haldora sat on the edge of the tub, with her feet in the water, right behind him. She took water in her hands and proceeded to wet his back. He allowed her to wash him.
- Don’t you have electricity? -, he asked, looking at all the candles.
- I like twilight. I like shadows. -, she explained
Haldora took a sponge and proceeded to soap his back and shoulders. Michael lay back, landing his head between her knees and exposing his chest. She soaped his chest as well as he wrapped his wet arms around her waist. She took his arms from their position and held them straight. She soaped them and sunk them in the water. Michael turned to her and held himself out of water to kiss her. He knelt down on the tub to embrace her. She fought him off so she wouldn’t get wet, but it was useless. Michael pulled her down and she fell into the tub, soaking her night gown. He pulled it off her. She soaped his nose with the sponge, sliding away from him to the other side of the tub. He took the sponge away from her and repaid the favor. He held her and soaped her back, then took her arms one by one and soaped them too. She pushed him away from her and he braced himself on he edge of the tub, she lied on his body, slowly descending and kissing his skin. Soon her face was bellow the water and stayed like that for an uncomfortably long time. Michael got scared and pulled her up violently. She looked surprised.
- Don’t ever do that again.
Haldora sat on the edge of the tub and pulled herself a towel. She wrapped herself on it and got her feet out of the water. Michael remained in for a moment more. Haldora got up as he closed his eyes, soaking in the warm water, and left the bathroom. She got dressed and picked up his clothes from the floor and laid them carefully on the freshly-made bed.
As Haldora was preparing to boil water for tea, she heard footsteps on the stairs, she ran to keep whoever it was to come in, but it was too late. Anna opened the door and walked in.
- Hey! I hope you don’t mind m coming up, but I really wanted to tell you something. -, Haldora tried to interrupt her but she was talking to fast, she hardly drew a breath, - I wanted to tell you that, though you had a bad night, he was partially responsible for it, because he took you to see a crappy film and he should know what kind of movie to show a girl on a first date and as for the kissing, what the hell was he thinking? That you are cheap or easy? I mean, a movie and he can take a person to an apartment and try to get into their pants?
- Anna, stop! -, as Haldora said this Michael opened the bathroom door wearing nothing but a towel around his waist.
Anna was caught by surprise, so was Michael. None of them said anything, remaining embarrassed.
- Hello, Anna, right? -, Michael finally greeted.
- Hi! Michael. -, she answered. – I think I should wait outside. Carry on!
Anna left the room. Haldora looked at Michael trying to come up with an explanation.
- Did I interrupt anything? -, he asked.
- No! She just wanted to get some things out of her chest. I should go down and talk to her.
- Sure! I’ll meet you downstairs in a second.
Haldora ran down the steps and found Anna sitting in the shop’s sofas with still an embarrassed look upon her face. Haldora sat down next to her.
- Why didn’t you tell me he was in the bathroom?
- You really didn’t give me a chance.
- He spent the night? -, Haldora nodded with a smile, - You didn’t talk all night long and then realized he was too tired or drunk to go home, did you? -, mischievously Haldora shook her head, - Oh my! You did it? -, Haldora nodded grinning.
Anna smiled in joy. The friends hugged. Anna laughed just thinking of her friend’s wish coming true. Haldora held her joy under control, afraid of any outbreak. Michael came down as they unlocked from their embrace. Anna noticed his presence and stepped away from the couple, leaving them in privacy.
- I should go! My bus will be here soon. -, he announced.
- Let me fix you a cup of tea before you go.
- I can’t eat anything in the morning I’ll grab something in the office.
Michael looked to Anna, to see if she was looking at them, she was pretending to stock the coffee stand, but she could see them in the corner of her eye. Michael gave Haldora a long kiss goodbye. Anna turned to see them, happy for her friend. Michael headed for the door.
- Michael, wait! -, Haldora requested. She took a book from one of the shelves and handed it to him, - For the trip! -, he was astonished to see that he was reading, his eyes asked how she knew, - I saw it on your nightstand.
He came back for one last kiss and left afterwards, with the book under his arm. Haldora watched him as he ran across the street to the bus stop. His bus parked soon after that.
Haldora came away from the window as Anna drank a cup of coffee. Haldora sat at one of the tables and laid her head on her arm. Anna sat down next to her.
- Is it as good as you thought it would be?
- It’s better, Anna!
- It is rather soon, though?
Haldora lifted her head and seriousness took hold of her face.
- I’m sorry, Hal, but it is. You go out on one lousy date and the next day you sleep together. Are you sure he feels the same way you do?
- He could never feel the same way I do, but if you’re asking does he … love me? I don’t know! But it’s obvious to me he feels strongly about us.
- Is that enough? -, Anna asked, - I mean, you’ve been waiting for him for so long. I just don’t want you to sell yourself short. Don’t give it all away.
- I know you’re only instilling doubt because you’re my friend, but let me live this, even if it doesn’t lead anywhere.
Anna agreed. Haldora got up and looked around the shop.
- Now if you excuse me I need to go finish decorating the exhibition space. It’s next week and I am way behind. So would you do me a favor and mind the shop for me?
- Sure, boss!
- But before you start, go up to the garden, there’s a small gift for you on the altar.
Haldora got up and headed for the exhibition space, as Anna went up the stairs to find the small statue of Toth, where Haldora had said it would be. She took it from the altar and admired it. She understood the significance of this gift and was grateful.
Haldora spent the day busy with her affairs, though she carried herself differently. She was happier, her distant and cold look, seemed warmer and closer. She could not stop smiling and laughing of very unimportant things. Anna watched her through the day and found her friend joyful. She had never seen her like that and was not opposed of her remaining like that for a long time or even forever.
At the end of the day, Anna came close to Haldora as she still worked. She had to touch her should to get her attention.
- Hey. I’m heading off. I want to ask you something.
- What is it?
- I was invited to a Halloween party and I was thinking it would be nice of you and Michael could come as well.
- You know I celebrate Samhain on Halloween. I don’t think I can go. -, Haldora excused herself.
- You can do both. Do the ritual and then come to the party. -, Anna suggested.
- I don’t know.
- Look, you’re the one who want to live this. I’m giving you a chance to live it some more.
- I’ll talk to Michael about it and let you know.
Anna agreed and left her friend to finish her work.
Michael arrived soon after Anna had left. He tapped on the glass and Haldora let him in. He gave her the book, she had given him in the morning, back and kissed her as a thank you note. Haldora lead him up to her room. Michael sunk himself on the sofa and Haldora sat down between his legs. He held her as he looked into the fire that crept next to them. Haldora slumbered as she was rocked by his breath, but the doubts instilled by Anna in the morning were planted in her head and soon bore fruit.
- Michael can we talk? -, she asked.
- Experience tells me when a girl says that to a guy, things aren’t right.
Haldora sat down on the other side of the sofa staring at him.
- It’s just that… everything we know about each other was read on a computer screen and both of us could have been lying. Yet here we are.
Michael sat up straight.
- I can’t explain this, but I am attracted to you. Everything you do is new to me. But it’s familiar. I feel like I’ve known you forever and yet I know nothing about you. You seem to be a figment of my dreams, something I’ve seen before. I felt that from the moment we began writing to each other. I knew I could trust you. And the truth is you could have been lying and you could be an axe murdered, but I find that hard to believe, not now that I’ve met you and I’ve look into your eyes. … I think I’ve fallen in love with you.
Haldora was unable to speak after this explanation. She stared at him, he stared back, waiting for an answer or reaction to his words.
- I feel the same way. -, she finally answered.
He smiled at her and she resumed her former position. He kissed her hair.
- Anna invited us to a Halloween party, do you want to go?
- I thought witches didn’t go to Halloween parties. I though they would stay home and cook up spells.
Haldora laughed.
- We do have a celebration. It’s kind like our New Year’s Eve. The 31st is a day without a month. The beginning. It’s the time when the portals of the spirit world are open and all spirits come to Earth. So we celebrate them. But we can also find time for a party. -, she explained.
- If you can find the time, I would like to go. But we have to go disguised as a pair.
- What do you mean?
- Like if I go as Dracula, you have to go as Vampira. You know paired up.
- What if you’re a Vicking warrior and I’m you lady? -, she asked as she turned to see his expression.
- Where I am going to find a Vicking warrior outfit?
- I have one downstairs.
- Isn’t that like an antique?
- It’s imitation! -, she lied, - You wear the armor and I’ll wear the dress.
Michael nodded smiling.
They remained lying on the sofa for hours just talking of what they would do at the party in regards to scaring the others, like playing with the sword. Haldora felt as she had not felt in a long, long time, she felt as she did when she still had a pulse. Before she had met her warrior. She was a human being again even if just as long as the conversation lasted.
At last Michael had to go and after a long goodbye with hugs and kisses that denounced their unwillingness to part, he was gone.
Longing… Waiting for tomorrow…


Anna opened the shop as she had promised and waited impatiently for her friend to come down. As time passed she would imagine many scenarios that might have taken place. Such as Haldora might not be home yet, she could still be with Michael, or maybe they were both up there alone, still sleeping. Haldora was taking too long to come down and so Anna’s mind diverged to uglier scenarios. They had a fight, or one of them might not have liked to other. The night had not ended well. Close to lunch hour, Anna was tired of waiting and so went upstairs to satisfy her curiosity. As she took the last steps before Haldora’s door, she smelled paint and cigarette smoke. Anna turned the knob and opened the door slowly to find Haldora smoking and adding frescos to her wall. They were images of fairies and elves, also goblins and cherubims, and the strangest beings Anna had ever seen. She entered on tip toe not to disturb her friend, before a sound was made Haldora looked at her in desperation.
- Bad night? -, Anna asked cautiously.
- I screwed it up. -, she answered as she put down her paint and took a drag from her cigarette.
Anna came close and sat on the bed, noticing that the drapery around it had also been recently stitched. She waited for her friend to continued.
- He kissed me. -, she told. Anna smiled. – I lost control and… blew a hurricane into his living room.
Anna tried to remain serious but it was impossible. She began to laugh, imagining the situation. Haldora, herself snickered at the situation. She sat down next to her friend.
- It was terrible. He hates the kind of music I like. I hate the film he liked. And then… there was the whole tornado thing and… he touched my scar and it didn’t hurt anymore and I freak and I left. -, she told.
- What were you doing naked in his house? -, Anna asked.
- I slipped wine on my dress. –, she explained. She took a new drag from her cigarette, - In the car and then in his apartment I was back there, the place where I first saw him. I was back there, unable to say an intelligent word besides pleasantries, but overflowing inside from the waterfall of things I want to tall him.
- Hal, look at it this way, you were at his apartment, you had drinks, he kissed you. He likes you. -, Anna explained.
- Why would he kiss me? He has a girlfriend. Why would he kiss me?
- Do you think he’s cheating? Just want to get into your pants?
- I can’t think of him like that. -, she answered in a half whisper.
- But you sure tried not to think. -, Haldora got up to throw her cigarette on the fireplace, - I mean I don’t think painting frescos and stitching is something you do every night.
- I was wondering if I such call him and tell him something. -, Haldora explained as she leant against the fireplace, ignoring the heat. – And tell him what?
- Can’t help you there, sorry. -, Anna got up and walked towards the door. – I’ll leave you to think about it. But if you take an advice, you should think of him as he is today and not as he was before.
- That’s the thing, Anna. He hasn’t changed.
Anna walked out, leaving Haldora to her confused thoughts.
The day passed slowly and every hour seemed to linger for as long as possible. But no hour brought clarity to Haldora’s head. She was unable to rationalize what had happen the night before. She was almost certain it had been punishment for getting too close to Michael. She had decided to stay at a distance and as soon as she had reneged on her promise to herself she had lost the ground beneath her feet. No amount of work that she undertook, gave her anymore rest, in fact it only seemed to bring more questions. Haldora decided to attend to the preparation for the Full Moon Festival, though her head was by no means in that direction. At last she decided to give it up. She lit a single candle and watch as the Moon came up in the sky. She asked solely for clarity. Next candle she placed the figurine of the Egyptian God of Writing, Toth, she had gotten for Anna, it would be blessed by the light of the Full Moon and inspire Anna for sure. Haldora lied in bed to continue her thinking after this.
The sound of tapping on glass reached Haldora. She got up and slowly came down to the shop, to find Michael at her door. He raised his hand when he saw her. She rushed to let him in. They stood for a second in the dark shop in awkward silence, Haldora then led him the stairs to her home. She helped him with his coat and waited for him to say what had brought him there. Michael just stood by the door in silence, holding a potted plant that Haldora had not even seen.
- Let me give you the grand tour. -, she said, - This is the only room, there’s the bathroom and there’s the garden. -, she explained as she pointed to the doors.
- Spacious! -, he commented.
Michael walked through the room, getting his attention caught by the frescos.
- I wanted to apologize for a horrible night. -, he finally said, after inspecting the pictures, - So I brought you this. -, he handed her the potted plant, - It’s a violet. I read online that it’s important for witches.
Haldora took the plant and admired it.
- Thank you. -, she opened her garden’s door and placed the pot next to so many other pots, Michael stood by the frescos, - But I’m the one who should apologize. -, she said as she came back to the room, - I left…
- Yes, but… I made you leave. I shouldn’t have acted the way I did. -, he explained.
- I thought so too. -, she stated as she walked towards the fireplace. – I mean you’re with somebody and we shouldn’t have… -, Haldora silenced when she noticed Michael expression had changed to confused.
- I was talking about your scar. I shouldn’t have looked at you… like that. What were you talking about?
Haldora couldn’t speak. Her jaws were frozen.
- I’m not with anyone. –, he announced, - I broke up with my girlfriend a couple of months ago. That was what you were talking about, right?
Haldora nodded shyly.
- We… Routine was killing us and we took a break. I’ve been alone for a while. It’s been good. I haven’t really been looking for anyone, but… You… You are nothing like routine. You’re even better live then online. You’re straight forward and … strange. And I like that. -, he explained.
- Michael, where is this going? -, she asked.
He came closer.
- I don’t know! But I like that. Live the moment and forget the future. -, he explained as he got closer to her. – That’s how you always said you lived.
Haldora nodded. She was surprised she was not falling out of control. She was nervous, but not as much as before, although he was as close as he could be.
- I did say that. I do say that. -, she whispered.
Michael slid his arm around her waist and pushed her gently towards him. Behind them the fire roared lightly. He took her face in his hand and joined his lips with hers. This time Haldora let herself be kissed without so much as a movement. She surrendered to the moment. Michael unlocked their kiss and embraced her feeling her shallow breath and the coldness of her skin. Haldora wrapped his arms around him feeling his warmth as a consuming fire. He kissed her neck lightly, as her breath became deeper. Soon they were involved in another kiss, but this time it was deeper and more passionate. Their tongues pierced into each other’s mouths and played with each other as snakes mating. Michael pulled Haldora towards the bed. She stopped him as they were close. She leaped on it and proceeded to close the heavy drapery. At last when all of the bed was enclosed, she extended her arm out, allowing her night gown to slide down to the ground. Michael took his clothes off and entered the closed bed. Inside it was dark, though the fire was strong, he could only see shadows and as he tried to grab them, he would notice they were just shadows.
- Hal? -, he called out.
- Come find me. -, she whispered.
Michael followed her voice, as if he hadn’t forgotten his warrior training from before and soon had his hands on her naked body. He touched her abdomen and followed her body upwards, touching her breasts, her shoulders, her neck, until he arrived at the face, where he took his time, feeling her cheeks and her lips. He pecked her lips and her cheeks, then her neck and her shoulders. While he did this, Haldora slid her hand down his spine, making him shiver. Michael pulled her knees to make her lay down, making her let go a little scream. He covered her body with his and continued to caress her body as did she to him. Amidst the kissing and the caresses, Michael slid himself inside Haldora, who arched her body in acceptance. His movements were slow and gentile. Haldora could feel what she had not felt in too long, since she had been in cave a long time ago. The blood ran through her body and there was warmth emanating from her skin. Her scar gave her no pain and her heart pounded on her breast. She felt alive as Michael moved inside her and as his tongue pushed farther. As she looked up to his face she could see him in all his former lives and all seemed to fit with that once moment. Haldora felt as if her heart was about to burst from her breast. She took Michael’s hands in her own. He pushed them hard over her head as he and she amongst moaning erupted into each other.
Michael rolled to his side, still clutching one of Haldora’s hands, he kissed it.
- Did I hurt you? -, he asked.
- No. -, she whispered, kissing his hand.
He took her hand close to his chest as if to say he didn’t want her to slip out of his touch. Haldora stroked his hair in silence. She could see he was struggling to keep awake, so she stroked him as you do a child to help him to sleep faster. Tired and sweaty both bodies laid next to each other as dead.
Michael woke in the dark. He felt the bed around him and could not feel Haldora’s body anywhere. He pushed the heavy drapery back to find her sitting on the sofa, looking at the fire, that wasn’t so high as before. She noticed he was awake and walked towards the bed, kneeling next to Michael and placing her hands so her face could be over his. He looked up at her at the light of the fire, still sleepy.
- Déjà vu. I’ve dreamed this. -, he muttered.
Unaware of what he spoke Haldora planted a kiss on his lips. His arms embraced her and did not seem to let go.
- Sleep! -, she request as she passed her hand in front of his face.
- I don’t want to sleep.
She slid the hand down his torso and to his legs. He pulled her to him. She sat on his thighs. He caressed her legs as she kissed his neck. This time he could see the paleness of her body, through the opening of the drapery. He touched her scar and Haldora squirmed away. He sat down and took her torso into his arms, kissing her scar lightly. She still believed it would hurt, so she prepared herself, but she felt no pain, nothing but pleasure. Taking her face in between his hands he again took place inside her. This time Haldora had to set her own rhythm. Michael laid back and held her hands. Haldora covered his body and waved her body as she kissed him. Haldora moved faster then before and soon she felt her heart beating too fast. She stared at his face as the feeling got stronger.
- My warrior! -, she let out with a moan.
- My lady! -, he answered back as again both collided into each other.
Haldora laid her body on his and allowed herself to rest. She could hear his heart beating and his breathing. He stroked her hair. She kissed his torso.
- I don’t want to leave here. -, she said.
- You don’t have to.
She lied down next to him and slid her arm beneath his neck, pulling his head to the breast.
- Sleep in my arms. -, she request.
Michael snuggled with his back against her body and held her hand. He kissed her arm and closed his eyes.
Hypnotic breathing… Softness… Morning light…